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OpenCubeDCP v2.6


OpenCube DCP is a powerful version of the Linux-based OpenCube DDR (Digital Disk Recorder) whose role is to facilitate DCP and DCP 3D production in Studios and Post-houses.

OpenCubeDCP fits right in to your existing equipment infrastructure, allowing you to fully edit uncompressed HD, 2K, 4K media before moving directly on to DCI-compliant MXF file generation.

OpenCubeDCP has all the features required to master the DCP creation chain, including a simple Timeline for reels creation, encryption, MXF wrapping and KDM generation capabilities.



- Ingest and conform uncompressed HD, 2K and 4K materials

- Boost 2D and 3D DCP creation

- Create your own KDM with the KDMake application



- Faster than real time Jpeg2K encoding and decoding

- DCP previewing on GUI or HD-SDI

- Subtitle Management with overlay previewing

- 3D LUT Loading



Click here to download OpenCubeDCP v2.5 brochure




The server can handle different types of HD, 2K and 4K uncompressed material - YUV, RGB or XYZ - in 10, 12 or 16 bits.

When enhanced with the dual link HD-SDI option, OpenCubeDCP provides you the ultimate in video I/O boxes. It acts as a virtual VTR with full tape emulation using RS422 interface in playback and record.

The video streams are captured in real time through simple or dual HD-SDI links and are stored as sequential still frames (DPX, Cin) or RAW files.

OpenCubeDCP is generally used as an uncompressed Digital Disk Recorder cith Raid0/5 internal storage or attached to a Digital Intermediate (DI). The network connectivity allows you to work on video frames while recording or to directly drop the media on a distant storage. The media can be viewed in real time in HD 4.2.2, HD 4.4.4, 2K and DCP.


OpenCubeDCP will save your labs both time and trouble once you start adding Digital Cinema Package production to your existing capabilities.

The system provides smart, adaptable tools for creating or modifying DCP encoded in Jpeg2K and wrapped in MXF containers and, in addition, offers genuine interoperability with D-Cinema Theatre servers.

A dedicated Timeline allows you to lay out your video, audio and subtitle materials before launching the actual production process. OpenCubeDCP offers numerous options for scaling your materials to DCI-compliant formats, for color space translation and for efficiently managing compression schemes, MXF wrappers and security.




OpenCubeDCP can be delivered as a turnkey Mastering Station to automate file DCP creation from 2K & 4K filesOpenCubeDCP can be enabled with HDSDI I/O and VTR control to become a DDR Video Server beyond a DCP Mastering Station.




  • Intuitive and ergonomic GUI
  • 3D and 2D DCP creation - faster than real time in 2K
  • CPL/EDL import-export
  • 3D LUT loading
  • KDM Creation with KDMake
  • DCP previewing - with subtitle overlay 
  • DCP remastering
  • SOAP Web services API
  • Effects: Crop, Rescale, Up-down Conversion, Split, PSNR, Windowing, Comparison

Supported formats

  • DPX, Cin, Tiff 8, Tiff 16, TGA, BMP, SGI, RAW, RGB, YUV, Wave
  • MXF DCP Jpeg2K, 2K-4K (SMPTE)
  • MXF Mpeg2 (interop)
  • Interop. with D-Cinema Theatre servers

Video I/O(*)

  • HD-SDI Input/Output
  • Dual Link HD-SDI 4.4.4 Input/Output
  • 2K/4K Viewing on DVI
  • 16 audio channels embedded in SDI

Hardware System Architecture

  • PC Rack 2U or 3U server
  • Linux OS (2.6 Kernel)
  • RAID 0 2TB to 7TB Internal Storage
  • RAID 5 FC/SATA External Storage
  • SAN/NAS connection

Specifications are non-contractual and may be subject to change without prior notice.